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A Visual Guide to the S-class Submarines 1918-1945

Part 1: Concept Development

Part 2: The Government Boats

Part 3: The Electric Boat Groups

A Visual Guide to the U.S. Fleet Submarines 1920-1950

Part 1: The T and V-Classes 1920-1945

Part 2: The Porpoise Class 1934-1945

Part 3: Salmon and Sargo Classes 1936-1945

Part 4: Tambor/Gar and Gato Classes 1940-1945

Part 5: Balao and Tench Classes 1942-1950


A Discussion of USN Submarine Naming and Designation Systems

The T-Class Fleet Submarines 1916-1927: An Analysis of Failure

The Lake Submarine of 1906: A brief look at the stubborn idealism of an American inventor

Reprinted with permission from The Submarine Review

Note: The Submarine Review is a publication of the Naval Submarine League. It is a scholarly journal discussing submarine history and current affairs. The webmasters highly endorse this organization and their goals. Please see their website here.

No More Heads or Tails: The Adoption of Welding in U.S. Navy Submarines. From the Jun 2020 issue, p. 46.

The Devil in the Details: An Analysis of S-class Submarine Construction 1917-1925. From the Dec 2020 issue, p. 71

The discovery of the final resting place of the USS Albacore (SS-218)

Webmaster David Johnston had the honor of being part of the team that developed location information for a search for the wreck site of the USS Albacore (SS-218), lost in action in World War II. He also did the analysis of the video and images gathered from the site by the Japanese search team and co-authored the report submitted to the Naval History & Heritage Command that allowed the U.S. Navy to confirm the identity of the wreck. This video is of a presentation he gave on the topic at the Fort Miles Museum in Lewes, DE on April 13, 2024.

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