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Below is a collection of line drawings, plans, and blueprints of various submarines from the Pigboats era. They have been collected from a variety of sources, and those will be attributed on the individual pages. The years in which the drawings cover will be noted, as this is a key bit of information to understanding the configuration of the boat. Some of the dates of the prints will fall outside the normal purview of PigBoats.COM (i.e. 1900-1940), but we have included them here as they are relevant to the history of the PigBoats era submarines. A word of caution: some of these files are VERY LARGE, as the original paper copies were sometimes the size of a writing desk. We have preserved the large file size so that the clarity of the print could be preserved. Some of them may take a while to load on your screen. We encourage you to use the magnification function to expand the image to the point where the details can be clearly seen.

These plans and prints are a fascinating look into how our submarines were once built. Enjoy!