Swim Call

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Swim Call

Diving From a submarine

Swim Call. The diver has probably launched off the conning tower of the USS O-15. The location is uncertain but the crew member is from the USS O-15 doing this dive. We obtained scans of 100 photos from the Private Family Collection of photo taken by George Peterson, a cook striker assigned to the USS O-15.

The O-15 took a Caribbean trip in March/April 1920 that encompassed the Panama Canal; Kingston, Jamaica; Havana, Cuba; Guantanamo, Cuba; Key West, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina and Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard. This photo is suspected to be taken in Kingston or Guantanamo just based on the number of vessels seen in the photo.

The image is blurred due to the slower film of the day but we are fortunate in that the photo taker managed to get two images in succession of the act.

The photos are the private property of George Peterson, grandson of George Peterson.

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