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Deck Showers S-42

Deck Showers S-42

The early submarines had obtained the nickname "Pigboats" for many a various reasons but mainly based on their smell.

Hygiene facilities were rudimentary to say the least. Men would use any number of means to become clean and do away with their body smells including after shave colognes and "bucket baths".

In this photo taken on the deck of the USS S-42 shows a crew member taking a shower under a shower head mounted in a panel on the port side of the conning tower fairwater.

This may have been a common feature on this class of S-boat but this is the only image we have found of it. It appears to swivel out and be controlled by a lanyard operated, spring loaded valve.

Whether this is a salt water or fresh water shower is unknown but suspicions are that it was probably salt water owing to the fact the scarcity of fresh water on the submarine prior to the advent of nuclear power.

Drying Off

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