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Cecil Ivan Short

Cecil Ivan Short
Cecil Ivan Short
Cecil Ivan Short CWO

Cecil Ivan Short was born Sept 12, 1897 at Farmington, Missouri. The second of two children born to Thomas J Short and Rachel A (Collins) Short. Older brother, Oba Thomas Short, was five when Cecil was born.

The 1900 census has the father Thomas J Short listed as a farm laborer, Cecil is 2 and Oba is 7 and has started school.

In 1910 the US Census says his family is living at the St. Francois County Infirmary in Farmington, Missouri, about 30 miles south of St. Louis. His father and mother were the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the facility. Quite a step up from farm laborer.

The Infirmary was a place for the poor to go when all else had failed for them. It was run by the county. By all accounts St. Francois County Infirmary was among the best and most responsive to the inmates needs of many that were around it. Cecil was 12 years old in 1910, Oba was 17.

The US entered WW I on April 6, 1917 and Cecil joined the Navy on May 15, 1917. It seems at almost at once he had volunteered for submarines and was assigned to the submarine USS F-2 home ported at San Pedro, California. He became a Machinist Mate striker. The pressures of war seem to reward those who apply themselves. We know that by August 14, 1921 he had reached the rank and rate of Chief Machinist Mate.

The photo above show him standing Top Side Watch on the deck of the submarine F-2 at San Pedro. Seen on the side of his right leg is the .45 caliber pistol in its holster that men who stood these watches wore to ward off any hostile people from gaining access to the submarine.

On August 14, 1921 he was attached to the 'Sub Base' at San Pedro but not if he was attached to a submarine at this time. We know he was there since he was admitted to the hospital for a Gonorrhea Infection of the Epidermis that kept him in the hospital for four days. He was released on August 18 back to the Sub Base. A few wild liberties on the beach it seems.

What he was doing at the Submarine Base is unknown at this time. But he had to have been keeping in contact with a girlfriend back in Farmington because on July 15, 1923 he married Miss Florence Tetley. daughter George A Tetley and Maud Mary (Dobbins) Tetley. The couple were to have two daughters from this marriage. Norma Jean and Mary Ann.

The 1930 census show the couple living in San Diego with 5 year old Norma Jean and 4 year old Mary Ann and 72 year old Rachel Short, Cecils' mother who had been widowed. The couple lived at 4508 Felton Street. A little more than a mile North East of the San Diego Zoo.

The next year the couple moved to 5119 35th Street San Diego that was about a mile and a half further North East of the last, house up in the foot hills. In 1932 to 1934 they were still at this home. Cecil is still in the Navy but what he is exactly doing is unknown.

With the 1940 census we see that the family has moved to Norfolk, Va and are living at 3404 Fairview Avenue in the Norfolk area. Daughters Norma Jean and Mary Ann are now 15 and 14. Cecil is 42 years old and has advanced from a Chief Machinist Mate to a Chief Warrant Officer and has retired from the Navy. He is working as a machinist at the Norfolk Navy Yard. Wife Florence is 41years of age.

In 1941 the family has moved to 116 Buckingham Circle, Norfolk. Cecil is still employed at the Navy Yard. In 1942 he is listed the Norfolk city registry as employed at the Navy Yard and is now listed as a 'Leading Man'.

On May 17, 1942 he was recalled into the Navy but no indication is given as to where he served. It appears he was discharged from active duty on January 31, 1945 and then was retired on August 26, 1947.

Unfortunately we loose all track of him during WW II and can find no further information about him until his death on August 25, 1955 at the Norfolk Navy Hospital at Portsmouth, Virginia. He was 57 years old and was the father of his two daughters who by this time are now married. Daughter Norma Jean and her husband have given him two grandsons, James and Roger. He was also survived by a nephew, Col Walter E Short of the US Marine Corps.

Cecil Ivan Short was buried at Parkview Cemetery in Farmington Missouri Section H-4; Plot 129 with full military honors.

Wife Florence passed away in September of 1976 and is buried near husband Cecil at Parkview Cemetery.

Photo courtesy of Mike Dilley

Many thanks to the Corzean Funeral Chapel in Farmington, MO for providing his Obituary.

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