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Louis Shane Jr

Louis Shane Jr Photo Montage
Louis Shane Jr Photo Montage

Montage of photos spanning the Naval career of LCdr. Louis Shane Jr, ill-fated Commanding Officer of the USS Shark SS 174, sunk on February 11, 1942 vicinity of the Celebes Islands. Born into a Navy family Louis Jr. followed his father, Capt. Louis Shane Sr., into the Navy and Naval Academy, graduating in 1926.

The top row of photos, from the left, show Shane as an Academy Midshipman and no doubt taken at the Academy circa 1925. The second shows him on his graduation day and it was also his wedding day posing with his wife Marjorie. The third photo shows him as he was probably about to be posted to his first assignment to the Naval Station at Port Angles, Washington. In June of that year he made his first cruise aboard the Battleship New Mexico.

From the left on the bottom row he is seen as a Ltjg about the time he was posted to the USS S-25 as the Executive Officer. The second photo shows a proud father posing with his son in 1931. The third photo shows him posing with what looks to be a brand new lawn mower, perhaps at his home in Tacoma, Washington which was his place of residence at the time of his death. The last photo shows him standing outside his car in 1940, again perhaps in Tacoma, Washington. When his loss was reported, Marjorie refused to believe he was dead and never remarried thinking he was probably safe on an island someplace.

Original Photos In The Collection Of Grandson John Shane

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