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S-6 Crew On Deck

S-6 Crew on deck underway

An idyllic scene of life on the USS S-6. The crew is relaxed on deck, one man is even in his swimming suit. The captain or officer of the deck is sitting on the bridge combing an many of the crew soak up the sun in this photo taken by one of the crew standing at the bow of the submarine. The submarine is probably returning to port after a time spent doing training at sea, possibly several days to a week.

This detail from the larger photo doesn't show what are most likely headlands off the southern California coast making this photo circa 1925/1926 era.

On 30 December 1924, S-6 and her division (SubDiv 12) arrived at Mare Island, Calif from Asiatic Station. They operated along the west coast until 15 February 1927. Allso in the Panama Canal area during March and April, 1927; then returned to New London on 3 May to operate along the New England coast.

On December 17, 1927 the USS S-4, a unit of SubDiv 12, sank after colliding with the Coast Guard cutter PAULDING (CG-17, ex USN destroyer DD-22), off Provincetown, Mass.

S-6 then served as a training model to familiarize divers preparing to raise the sunken sub. S-4 was raised on 17 March 1928 and S-6 resumed normal operations with her division.

She conducted winter maneuvers in the Panama Canal area in 1929 and 1930, but primarily operated out of New London until decommissioned on 10 April 1931, at Philadelphia.

Original Photographic Snapshot in the Private Collection Of Ric Hedman

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