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O-6 is seen here underway close to shore, early to mid 1920's. The location is not known for sure, but it could be along the New England coast or perhaps in the approaches to the Panama Canal. Many of the O-class boats operated out of Coco Solo, Panama on the Atlantic side of the canal in the 1920's, filling their designed purpose of defending the coastal areas of that vital waterway.

O-6 is running at high speed, perhaps a full bell. She is pushing up quite a wake and only a few men are topside on the aft deck.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman

Photo 80-G-15819 courtesy of NARA.
Photo 80-G-15819 courtesy of NARA.

O-6 is seen here in a photo taken from the Thames River Bridge between Groton and New London, CT. This is a WWII era photo, likely taken in 1943-1944. O-6 has been modified for WWII service, with rescue/marker buoys forward and aft, and a gun platform on the aft end of the conning tower fairwater. The original 3"/23 caliber Mk 9 gun has been permanently removed from her forward deck. O-6 and many of her sisters were operating out of Submarine Base New London as training submarines for students at the Submarine School. The two pole like objects on her aft deck are the kingpost and boom for the torpedo loading crane. When not in use the crane was disassembled and stowed in these positions.

In WWII, USN submarines operating in mainland waters for training carried their hull numbers on the side of the fairwater. Submarines operating in the war zone in the Pacific carried no external identification at all.

U.S. Navy photo.

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