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Chipping Ice On The USS S-14

Chipping Ice On The USS S-14

USS S-14 on a very cold Washington's Birthday (February 22) in 1943. The S-14 is moored to the Submarine Base, New London in Groton, Connecticut. 6 to 8 inches of ice coat the submarine. The decks have been mostly cleared but the Conning Tower and deck gun are still encased in ice.

The ice has brought down the long wire radio antennas. Some of the wires and insulators can be seen on the deck by the man on the left. Axes and sledge hammers are being put to the task of removing ice. It looks like the wardroom has taken an interest in the process and are taking a photo opportunity.

Seen on the hill on the left side of the photo are a few of the buildings of Conn (Connecticut) College, at that time an all women’s school. A few of the buildings at the extreme right belong to the US Coast Guard Academy.

The temperatures on this date were reported to be as low as -25° to -35° degrees Fahrenheit. (-31.6°C to -37.2°C.)

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