List of Lost Crews

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Please note that this is a work in progress at the current time. We plan on completing this table in the near future.

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank Submarine Date Cause of Death
Anderson Martin CGM USS C-4 (SS-15) 19-May-1914 Diving for Torpedo off Colon, Panama
Ashcroft George T. GM1 USS F-4[ex-SKATE I] (SS-23) 25-Mar-15 Foundered off Honolulu
Buck Clark G. GM2
Cauvin Ernest C. MM2
Colwell Harley EMC
Covington Walter F. MM1
Clark G.H. MM2 USS E-2 (SS-25) 15-Jan-16 Battery explosion
Seaber R.B. EM2
Leese R.A. GM1 USS L-10 (SS-50) 24-Jan-18 Overside while in transit
Childs E.W.F. Lt HMS H-5 12-Mar-18 Observer on British Sub on patrol
Currie J.M. EMC USS A-7 (SS-8) 24-Jul-18 Notes to follow.

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