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L-11 maneuvering up to moor alongside its tender in Bantry Bay, Ireland, summer 1918.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

L-11 seen here in Portland Harbor, England after WWI ended, probably late November, 1918. The view is looking from aft (right) to forward (left). Behind her is the L-1 and the L-3.

A caption on the back of the photo says, "U.S. Submarine AL-11 which we fired on by mistake on Nov 4th" which implies that the photo taker was on a surface craft of some sort. We don't see any mention of this on DANFS account of the L-11 service. No doubt it should be in her logbooks for November 4, 1918.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

L-11 seen here post WW I approximately 1920 moored to a civilian dock. The location is unknown. L-11 operated out of Portland, England, until January 3, 1919 when she sailed for the United States. Arriving in Philadelphia February 1, 1919 she began operations off the East Coast of the US for the next 4 years helping develop submarine warfare tactics. She visited a variety of ports, including Richmond, VA., Baltimore, MD., and Bermuda. L-11 decommissioned at Hampton Roads, Va., 28 November 1923, and was scrapped 28 November 1933.

In this photo all exterior markings from WW I have been removed but the steel chariot bridge that proved so successful in crew protection and allowing quick dives is retained and will become the standard for many subsequent classes of submarine. Her 3"/23 caliber deck gun is in its raised position. A crowd of civilians have gathered to look her over. Note the vintage car on the dock.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

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