H-4 thru 9 Plans

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This set of plans shows the H-4 follow-on group in approximately 1919. This group of six submarines were originally intended for foreign aid sales to the Russian government. To get around export restrictions prior to the U.S. entry into WW I, Electric Boat contracted with a shipyard in Vancouver, British Columbia to build these boats and then deliver them to Russia. With the fall of the Tsar, the sale was halted and the boats were purchased by the U.S. Navy to supplement its growing fleet. See the H-class page for more information. These boats, designated as design EB-26R by EB, were intended for foreign sale so they had a few differences from their sisters H-1 to H-3. Most notably they lacked a watertight bulkhead between the torpedo room and the forward battery. This can be seen in the drawings below.

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