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Three photos that show an E-class submarine (which one is not clear) having her stern hoisted for repair work by the USS Sonoma (Fleet Tug No. 12). The date is approximately 1918. The work being performed on the back of the submarine appears to be on the starboard propeller. What is being done is unknown at this time, perhaps the propeller became fouled with rope or maybe fishing nets. The men are standing on the submarine's stern planes which must be slippery with hull growth and all the time these men are standing on a very precarious perch.

Seen leaning over the rail, just to the right of the standing man in civilian clothes, looking at what is going on with great interest, appears to be a flag officer, an Admiral.

Photos in the private collection of Ric Hedman

Both E-boats moored outboard of L-10 (SS-50) and L-4 (SS-43) with their crews topside for a photo opportunity, Newport News, VA., September 10, 1920. Note that the E-2 on the right has received a permanent metal "chariot" style bridge fairwater, a lesson learned from U.S. experience in WW I.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman

E-1 and E-2 shown on May 10, 1915. The side of the D-2 can be seen to the right and the USS Tonopah (Monitor No. 8), is on the left. The view is on the upper westside of New York city and the moorage is at the 135th Street piers. They were part of the Presidential Review for President Wilson along with much of the Atlantic Fleet. Submarines always drew large crowds in those days and this day was no exception.

Library of Congress photo.

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