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John F. Callahan

John F. Callahan
John F. Callahan

The man seen here is LTjg John F. Callahan photographed at the USS Pike welcome home party along with his wife Muriel, seen in the center frame.

John F. Callahan was born 1920 and he passed away on November 30, 2012, at age 92.

He married his wife Muriel in either 1944 when the Pike arrived at New London or sometime just prior to this 1945 photo. Muriel passed away in 2008, at age 86 and 63 years of marriage to John. Together they had five sons and two daughters and 12 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

John Callahan was medically discharged from the navy and submarine service due to a bleeding ulcer, and that was his one great regret of his. He treasured his time on the subs and made his lifelong best friend there, Herbie Landesman, another officer on the Pike.

He continued his Navy career in the Civil Engineer Corps, retiring in 1966 as a Captain.

Biography information provided by son Michael Callahan

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