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Bonita seen in drydock circa 1910 at an unknown location. Two of her crew are posing for the camera, one had inserted himself into the port torpedo tube. Based on the type of clothing worn by the men in the photo the time of year is most likely between April and September.

There is at least one other submarine in the dry dock with Bonita. It can be seen through the scaffolding to the left in the picture. Possibly another "C" boat. On the right seen attached to the bridge railing is the sub's searchlight. The lamp itself is covered with a canvas hood for protection, keeping the lens free from the eroding effects of salt spray.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

This is the Bonita's control room, looking aft past the electrical controls into the engine room. The view shows a Machinist Mate tending the starboard gasoline engine. Over the man's head are the rudder and stern plane control rods.

The view shows some refinements to the instrumentation. The addition of easy to see and read indicators telling the status of each shaft. The clock says the photo was taken at 11:50 but if it is AM or PM is unknown. We assume AM.

The vessel is probably undergoing some maintenance. The port shaft counter has been removed. The paint circle is visible on the bulkhead. To the right is seen a black rectangular object. That is believed to the electric motor that drove the counter from a small generator on the propeller shaft.

Photo from the collection of MMCM(SS) Rick Larson, USN (Ret.)

USS Bonita (Submarine No. 15) crew muster for April 15, 1910. Data is incomplete due to lost or missing records.

Crew Muster April 15, 1910
Danenhower, Sloan - Ensign - age 25 - Born; Maryland
Fletcher, Arnold N. - CGM - age 21 - Born: Indiana
Prince, Charles - GM 1c - age 27 - Born: New York
Richards, Thomas C. - GM 1c - age 35 - Born: Rhode Island
Albee, Harry L. - GM 3c - age 28 - Born: District of Columbia
Tubbs, Guy L. - CMM - age 34 - Born: Iowa
Maynard, George A. - CMM - age 28 - Born: Massachusetts
Enders, John J. - MM 1c - age 27 - Born: New York
Hughes, Irving H. - MM 1c - age 25 - Born: New York
Young, Arthur F. - MM 2c - age 23 - Born: Massachusetts
Linford, Stanley L. - MM 2c - age 25 - Born: Pennsylvania
Rich, Charles H. - MM 1c - age 25 - Born: Massachusetts
Green, Benjamin A. - MM 2c - age 24 - Born: Indiana
Lehman, Clyde W. - CEM - age 31 - Born: Missouri
Willard, B. - EM 1c - age 27 - Born: New York
Lemcke, Elmer J. - EM 2c - age 22 - Born: Missouri
Kluck, Walter H. - EM 2c - age 22 - Born: Wisconsin

Thank you to Linda Talbott of the US GenWeb Census Project® for providing this information.

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