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Tarantula is seen here in what is likely the East River off Brooklyn, early in her career approximately 1908. She is running at a fairly good clip, and is pushing up a nice bow wave. Eight of her 10 crew are topside, leaving only two men below to tend the Electric Boat/Craig gasoline engine.

U.S. Navy photo

Another nice photo of Tarantula taken at the same time as the one above. This is probably further out in New York Harbor. Most of the same crewmen are topside.

U.S. Navy photo

Tarantula and crew posing for a photo op, likely at an east coast port, 1908-1910, probably late fall or winter time. The caption from the scrapbook this photo came from is "The little submarines with the funny noses". The Commanding officer is LT D. A. Weaver. The black dots are ink spots on the photo face.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

USS Tarantula (Submarine No. 12) crew muster for April 15, 1910. Data is incomplete due to lost or missing records. All men listed below are enlisted, ranks and rates unknown.

Crew Muster April 15, 1910
Rotherwell, M. L. - age 25 - Born: New York
Fredericks, H. W. - age 20 - Born: Kentucky
Dunn, C. B. - age 25 - Born: New York
Ballard, M. - age 38 - Born: Russia
Stine, C. E. - age 36 - Born: Sweden
Anderson, A. W. - age 20 - Born: New Jersey

Thank you to Linda Talbott of the US GenWeb Census Project® for providing this information.

A very nice photo of B-3 and her crew taken at Naval Station Cavite, near Manila in the Philippines. This photo is likely a re-commissioning photo taken circa September 2, 1913. B-3 had been transported to the Philippines as deck cargo on the USS Ajax (Collier No. 14) along with the B-2. They had been decommissioned during transit, and once in the water and restored to operating condition they were recommissioned. If you look to the left of the periscopes of the B-3 you can see another set of periscopes, most likely of the B-2. Note the large combination padeye/cleat attached to the hull near the waterline. These enable the boat to be physically hauled out of the water by crane if necessary. These boats were still small enough so that could be done. That would quickly change with future classes.

Photo from the private collection of MMCM(SS) Rick Larson, USN (Ret.)

A closeup of the photo above, showing the B-3's crew, circa September 2, 1913. The officer fifth from left is the Commanding Officer, ENS Carroll Q. Wright, Jr.

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