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A rare, original color photo of the launching of Swordfish at the Mare Island Navy Yard, April 1, 1939. Swordfish was the first submarine launched under the new external identification scheme where the hull number is used. The "S" class identifiers had been done away with. Mare Island launched her in an advanced state of completion. She would begin sea trials in only about a month.

Photo 80-G-K-13791 courtesy of NHHC.

A closeup of the photo on the previous page shows details of the Swordfish's amidships section while underway in the Napa River off the Mare Island yard, August 24, 1939. She has received an updated 3"/50 caliber gun on a Mk 11 mount, which allowed for greater elevations. The building at the left has a sign on the roof that says: "Standard Oil Company of California" and "VALLEJO" painted on the roof. Many of the men on deck look to be civilians so some yard work and evaluations were probably still happening. The submarine was under the command of LT Chester C. Smith at the time of this photo and that may be him on the bridge.

Associated Press photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

A broad port side photo of Swordfish probably off San Diego, 1939-1940. She is at a dead stop as there is no wake showing.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

A photo of Swordfish at the conclusion of a mid war overhaul at Mare Island, June 13, 1943. The fairwater has been cut down fore and aft, with 20 mm Mk 5 gun mounts added in both locations. A watertight ammunition locker has been added at the aft base of the rebuilt periscope shears. The #1 periscope has been upgraded to a 40 foot model, with the eyepiece in the conning tower. Even with the rebuilt shears, the SJ radar remains in the starboard side position. On the port side of the shears a square shaped LF loop antenna has been added.

Photo NH 98516 courtesy of NHHC.

A view from the front of the renovated conning tower fairwater. A non-watertight door has been added to the front of the bridge to make it easier to access the 20 mm gun mounted there. Also on the front of the bridge the yard has relocated the circular Radio Direction Finding (RDF) loop antenna. This antenna was mounted in a variety of locations on different boats. The 3"/50 caliber gun has been moved to the forward location.

Photo NH 98515 courtesy of NHHC.

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