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Spearfish headed up the Thames River, CT. in the summer of 1939. The city of Groton is in the background. On the hill is the Fort Griswold monument.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

Spearfish after a wartime overhaul at Mare Island in 1943. She is showing all of the typical mid-war modifications. The two hatch-like openings in her fairwater below the forward gun deck are not hatches. They are ammunition storage lockers that housed ready service ammo for the 3"/50 caliber gun. While most boats received lockers like these, Spearfish was unusual in that actual hatch covers were used as opposed to a more simple style used on other boats.

On the forward fairwater gun deck is a circular antenna for Radio Direction Finder (RDF) equipment. Mounted on the starboard side of the shears is a square-shaped antenna for Low-Frequency (LF) radio receiption.

U.S. Navy photo.

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