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Publicity photo of Tarpon taken off San Diego in 1937. She was assigned to Submarine Division 13 for several years before moving to Pearl Harbor. Since there are no engine exhaust overboards, the assumption is that she is running on the battery.

Photo NH 41919 courtesy of NHHC.

Tarpon running at a good clip in what is likely San Diego Bay, approximately 1937.

U.S. Navy photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

In what is likely the second photo the series below, Tarpon is shown diving off San Diego in 1937. Her hull is completely submerged with only the bridge, masts, and the aft fairwater bulwark visible. We included this photo here as opposed to below because it fit better.

Part of an AP News photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

A six photo series showing Tarpon diving and then surfacing off San Diego in 1937. These boats were designed to go from fully surfaced to periscope depth in 60 seconds, and that was done on a routine basis in the pre-war years. Intensive training and procedural changes got this time down to an average of 35 seconds during WW II. That is very fast for such a large boat.

U.S. Navy photos courtesy of NHHC.

Tarpon pierside at San Diego or possibly San Pedro, California, circa 1937. The boat's arrival has generated some interest as there are civilians on the pier taking in the sight. She appears to be taking on water from a pier connection. Sailor standing to the right of the hose is probably waiting for a signal to turn the valve off.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

Tarpon seen from the port quarter in San Francisco Bay after a wartime overhaul at the Mare Island Navy Yard. The photo date is September 30, 1942. This shows the boat in the first phase of the wartime modifications designed to lessen her silhouette and provide more gun platforms. The bulwark railing around the aft end of the fairwater has been cut away and she has had SD radar installed at the forward end of the covered pilothouse, and SJ surface search radar installed alongside the #1 periscope. Note that the gun mount on deck has been changed from the earlier photos. It is a tall mount for the 3"/50 caliber Mk 17 gun. It was intended to allow the gun to obtain high elevations for use against aircraft, but it was rarely used in this capacity.

Photo 19-N-35371 courtesy of NHHC.

A broad port side view of Tarpon in San Francisco Bay taken at the same time as the photo above. In this photo the SD mast at the forward edge of the pilothouse is visible, and the SJ radar mast can be seen mounted alongside the periscope shears.

Photo 19-N-35370 courtesy of NHHC.

A post war photo of Tarpon, possibly while she was serving as a Naval Reserve training ship at New Orleans, 1947-1948. This photo shows her with the full suite of topside modifications, including having the pilothouse cut away and additional guns mounted.

Photo in the private collection of Ric Hedman.

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