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Plans for G-1, corrected to December 5, 1916. Unusually, there is a significant error on the title page of these plans. The boat is identified as Submarine Torpedo Boat No. 26. G-1 never carried this designation at any time during her career. That number was assigned to the G-4. Apparently typos could be made in 1916 too. These plans show G-1 after the removal of the trainable superstructure torpedo tubes. She did not have a traditional torpedo room. The breech doors of her tubes let into the battery/crews berthing space, with the reload torpedoes stowed on the deck. She had separate captain's and navigator's "turrets", and a conning tower above them. Her 14 foot dinghy (motor launch) was stowed upside down in a stowage locker under clamshell doors in her after superstructure.

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