G-4 plans

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G-4 Plans

This diagram is for the Laurenti design as developed in Italy by Cesare Laurenti. It is illustrative of the original design as built for the Italian Navy, but it is NOT representative of how the G-4 was configured as built. The biggest differences are in the arrangement of the battery wells, the engines, and the aft torpedo tubes. This plan shows the Laurenti design with the after battery all the way in the stern, aft of the engines, which would prevent the placement of aft torpedo tubes. It also shows at least two extra engines and hatches in different locations. Whether these significant changes in the G-4's internal arrangement reflect a maturation of the Laurenti design, or if they were made at the insistence of the USN before the boat would be built is not known at this time. Please see the PigBoats G-4 page *here* for a line drawing of how the G-4 was actually arranged.

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