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USS Snapper SS 185
USS Snapper SS 185
USS Snapper SS 185

USS Snapper
USS Snapper
Photo by David T. Lotz

USS Snapper SS 185
USS Snapper SS 185

USS Snapper from the air
USS Snapper from the air
Photo provided by John Bourdage whose father Elmer Bourdage, EM2 served aboard her 1943 to
1945. Elmer Bourdage was also a member of the decommissioning crew.

San Diego, 1940
Moored alongside USS Holland (AS-3), from which
 the photograph was taken, the submarines are
 (from left to right): Salmon (SS-182); Seal (SS-183);
 Pickerel (SS-177); Plunger (SS-179); Snapper (SS-185)
 and Permit (SS-178). Aircraft Carrier in background is the USS Enterprise.

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