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USS Permit SS 178

USS Permit SS 178
USS Permit SS 178 (ex-P-7)

USS Permit SS 178
USS Permit SS 178

USS Permit SS 178
USS Permit SS 178

San Diego, 1940
Moored alongside USS Holland (AS-3), from which
 the photograph was taken, the submarines are
 (from left to right): Salmon (SS-182); Seal (SS-183);
 Pickerel (SS-177); Plunger (SS-179); Snapper (SS-185)
 and Permit (SS-178). Aircraft Carrier in background is the USS Enterprise.
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Francis Hugh Beaumont, TM/2, USNR enlisted on June 15, 1942 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Seen here on the deck of the USS Permit SS 178 sometime between March 29, 1943 to May 25, 1943. Beaumont reported aboard Permit from the COMSUBDIV 21 working as relief crew on Midway. He had previously been stationed aboard the USS Pike.

Beaumont rode Permit for her 8th war patrol in the traffic lanes leading from the Marianas to Truk Atoll, Caroline Is., and after several encounters, returned to Pearl Harbor 25 May.

The photo of Beaumont, above, was taken on the fore deck of the Permit during this time frame. The large rectangular blocks seen behind Francis Beaumont are part of the breech mechanism for the two under deck mounted torpedo tubes installed in January 1943 at Mare Island. There are deck hatches seen in front of the torpedo tube breech doors. These were perhaps used to load the tubes.

These tubes proved problematic and were not installed in boats beyond the few original conversions. The earlier fleet boats had been built with four tubes forward instead of the six wanted by the crews and skippers due to efforts to keep costs down. The later fleet boats were built with six tubes forward starting with the Tambor Class. Being a torpedo-man Beaumont would have had these tubes as part of his job aboard Permit.

On May 27, 1943 he transferred to Relief Crew in ComSubDiv-44. He eventually was transferred to the USS Salmon SS 182.

Photo In The Private Collection of Ric Hedman.

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